ComicScene blog – Crikey! there’s competition…

I mentioned a few weeks ago I’d start writing a more personal blog about behind the scenes at ComicScene Magazine – so here goes! Before we launched in 2018 (pre newsstand) we shared our journey getting the magazine to print but since then, as we have attempted to build the brand, it’s been constant sell, sell, sell which is fine but, at times I’m sure, very annoying to social media followers. So hopefully this blog is a little more sedate, informal, informative and perhaps even witty (but don’t hold your breath on that one!)

Before I get to ComicScene all 16 issues of Crikey! Magazine have now been collected in four 1000+ page volumes and available on our website. I discovered Crikey!, published from 2007 until around 2010, while putting the magazine together (I missed it, being in the comic wilderness for some twenty years!). I was intrigued there had been a final 100 page digital issue that had never been seen before in print and that here was a collection ripe for reprint with publications from the Treasury of British Comics and DCThomson Heritage having featured heavily in its original content. Anyhow now all the volumes have been printed and Christmas is around the corner there has been a surge in purchasing not only the 4th volume (with material never seen before in print, including the 100+ page last issue mentioned earlier) but all the early volumes as well, which has meant another print run. As if putting together ComicScene wasn’t enough! It’s a great historical collection about comics and I’m really honoured to have been a part of reintroducing the material to a whole new audience.

I am a week from ComicScene 10 hitting the newsagent shelves. More throughout the week but today we launched a twitter social media competition aimed at libraries, schools, community centres and lapsed comic readers (like myself, until a couple of years ago!) to pick up the magazine and also share the all ages comic that is free to pull out from the magazine to encourage young comic readers. I hope comic fans will #rt this too, as with a modest marketing budget that kind of support (along with buying the magazine) is helpful and hopefully a great help to creators and publishers we feature in the magazine desperate for coverage too. A number of people involved in schools and libraries have been very helpful about spreading the word about ComicScene. They do ‘get’ what we are trying to achieve and I hope, despite this era of austerity, that many libraries will take the magazine alongside being bought by parents/carers keen to encourage reading.

Goodnight comic fans – see you next time.


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