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ComicScene UK is the new magazine for everyone who love comics.

ComicScene UK launches 1st May in print and digital format. You can’t buy it in the shops – it’s via mail order only.  You can see all subscription details and offers below and at the website

If you order a 12 issue subscription as a special thanks you will be sent an advance digital pdf copy of the launch issue of ComicScene UK and a FREE copy of the AKA Tapes featuring 2000AD TODAY (within 24 hours). Subscribe for this offer now by selecting ComicScene 12 month subscription UK or ComicScene 12 month subscription non UK for international sales here

Hundreds of readers have subscribed already, with publisher Tony Foster hoping to fund comic workshops for young people with part of the profits.

Celebrating all that is great about comics in the UK and worldwide the 64 page launch issue of ComicScene is published by  The magazine has over 20 of the best writers about comics and features some of the world’s most popular characters that have been published in the medium. 

The launch magazine, issue 0, also features articles by creator of 2000AD Pat Mills and co-creator of Judge Dredd John Wagner.

The launch magazine comes out 1st May and will be monthly after the next issue, due in August.

Contents in the launch issue include;

Nuts and Bolts – John Freeman on the comic scene, including the recent success of the Beano

Changing Face Of Dan Dare – Richard Sheaf takes a monthly look at the Pilot of the Future

How Comic Books Help Us Relive Our Childhood – Benoit Peeters.  How comic books help us to relive our childhood” was first published – in French and in English – by The Conversation ( French graphic novelist and critic Benoît Peeters is Visiting Professor in Graphic Fiction and Comic Art, the first such appointment in the UK. With thanks to the Lakes International Comic Art Festival (12th – 14th October 2018 for arranging this representation.

The Prisoner – Stephen Jewell interviews Pete Milligan and Colin Lorimer on the new title from Titan Comics

OK Computer – Luke Williams debates digital v print comics

21st Century Flashback – Fred MacNamara on Thunderbirds

Art Gallery –  original unseen art with a story from Rufus Dayglo

Shiver and Shake – Martin Dallard takes a look at a fabulous first issue!

Hatch, Match and Dispatch Valiant & Lion – David Moloney speaks to Chris Lowder and Steve MacManus about the merger of two great titles.

The Growth of Cosplay – Louise Saul provides an insiders guide to the growth of cosplay at comic conventions

Creators Writes – Co Creator of Judge Dredd John Wagner tells us how his new character Rok of the Reds was developed

The Cartmel Factor – Ian Wheeler takes a monthly look at Doctor Who comics, including the new series of 7th Doctor adventures from Titan Comics

Free Comic Book Day – Richard Bruton on previous Comic Book Day issues

25 years of Batman Mask Of Phantasm  – Tim Hayes looks back at 25 years of Batman animation as Batman Ninja hits the screens

Captain Scotland – A new strip followed by an interlude by writer Tom J Farmer and art by Jose Rodriguez Mota and Valentina Mozzo introduces the new female Captain Scotland.  Catch up with the story so far at

Through the Looking Glass: The Secret History of Toxic – John McShane takes a look at Toxic and the influence Scotland has had on comics.

That Whooshing Noise: 30 Years of Deadline – Tim Pilcher speaks to the original creators of Deadline

30 years of Tank Girl – Chris McAulay reads Tank Girl for the first time

Remembering Steve Dillon – Joel Meadows on one of the creators of Deadline, Steve Dillon

Judge Dredd v Batman – Karl Stock on the meetings of the Mega City Lawman and the Caped Crusader of Gotham

Rachael Ball: Creator of Wolf – Tony Esmond takes a monthly look at Small Press

Stuck in the 18th Century – Steve Tanner on the creation of Flintlock

Fanscene – 50 Years of Fandom.  David Hathaway Price takes a regular look at fandom over the last 50 years with the infamous Unicorn

50 years of Apollo Landings – Stephen Jewell takes a look at the new graphic novel Apollo, launched a year before the 50th anniversary of the Apollo landings

Collecting Roy of the Rovers – Richard Sheaf regular column on Roy of the Rovers and sport/adventure comics

The Last Word – 2000AD creator Pat Mills writes his new and regular column. #tlw

Whackoman – Marc Jackson new strip

Future issues include;

Judge Dredd v Judge Death, 2000AD, Halo Jones, Girls Comics including Tammy / Jinty / Bunty, 80 years of the Beano, Six Million Dollar Man v Mach One, Charley’s War, 40 years of Starlord and Misty, 50 years of fandom and comic con, 30 years of Hellblazer, Vertigo at 25, the new Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker, Superman at 80, Captain Britain / Mega City One / V For Vendetta and comics on the big and small screen, Miracleman, DC and Marvel in the U.K.,  European comics plus all the latest news and gossip from the comic, small press, cosplay and related media industry from some of the best writers in the business!

Readers can comment on twitter #comicscene or email – reader can also feedback and inform future content via reader surveys


ComicScene UK, published by,  launches 1st May and costs £8.50 an issue (including P&P) – with offers from as little as £4.25



Pay PayPal to or email or text 07734 884320 for bank transfer details

12 ISSUES £53.00 – £4.25 an issue

6 ISSUES £27.00 – £4.50 an issue

1 ISSUE £4.75


Pay PayPal to or email or text 07734 884320 for bank transfer details.  Includes postage and packing

12 ISSUES £63.00 – £5.25 an issue

6 ISSUES £33.00 – £5.50 an issue

1 ISSUE – £5.75



Credit Card & PayPal accepted

12 ISSUES £83.88 – £6.99 an issue

6 ISSUES £41.88 – £6.99 an issue

1 ISSUE £6.99



Credit Card and PayPal accepted. Includes postage and packing.

You get an additional 10% discount on prices below with your first order at our online TicTail shop.

12 ISSUES £96.00 – £8 an issue – includes advance pdf copy distributed TODAY & print copy and additional gifts including a pdf copy of the AKA Tapes 2000AD issue (£86.40 with first order on tictail)

6 ISSUES £49.50 – £8.25 an issue (£44.55 with first order on tictail)

1 ISSUE £8.50 (£7.65 with first order on tictail)

Add £2 an issue on all international subscriptions

BUY PRINT VERSION ONLINE in U.K. or worldwide with credit card / PayPal at 

Further details

ComicScene UK is published by ComicsFlix and our website is – you can also follow us on twitter, facebook & Instagram

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