Year of Tank Girl at Comics Titan

Tank Girl 1Titan Comics have announced Saturday 20th October as ‘Tank Girl Day’ – celebrating 30 years of Tank Girl from 1988 – 2018 in the #YearOfTankGirl

A series of special publications have been announced including an All Stars Hardcover edition and colouring book in October.

Tank Girl 2

In August a 30th anniversary collection of ‘Two Girls One Tank’, ‘Tank Girl Gold’ and ‘World War Tank Girl’ brings together the best selling 2017 graphic novel trilogy.

Tank Girl 3

A collection of the ‘Wonderful World of Tank Girl’ ships in June with a new comic with stories from previous Tank Girl artists starting in the same month called ‘Tank Girl All Stars’.

Tank Girl 4

In May don’t miss the Free Comic Day ‘Tank Girl’ and in April a fantastic hardcover gift book of Tank Girl strips, poems, covers and extracts from 30 years of comics and books is also released.

Tank Girl 5

Finally (if that wasn’t enough!) starting in April is the full colour classics, reprinting the 1988/89 strips from Deadline by creators Hewlett and Martin.

At ComicsFlix Towers we are looking forward to celebrating the Year of Tank Girl with all these great publications.

The new magazine for comic fans, ‘ComicScene UK’, will also be celebrating 30 years of ‘Tank Girl’ and ‘Deadline’ in the first issue too.  One of our editorial team has been pouring over 30 years of Tank Girl as a brand new reader and we have a look at the comics that started it all ‘Deadline’.  You can order the first issue and subscribe to the new monthly title ‘ComicScene UK’ here.

Tank Girl 6

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